Love & Hip Hop NY Season 3 New Cast Members

love-hip-hop-new-yorkThe NYC orginator’s of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop franchise are  back to re-claim their throne at the top of the reality tv chain. While Yandy, Olivia, Rich Dollaz, and Eric Mena are returning from Season’s 1 &2  there are a few new faces. Most of them I am NOT very familiar with. So….since I’m sure most of y’all may not have a clue who they are as well  I decided to do some background digging. This season’s expected plot seems to be centered around Joe Budden and his love life which includes current girlfriend Kaylin, ex Tahiry (video vixen), and Sirius Radio DJ Raqi Thunda who is supposed to be “just a platonic friend”. As some of Joey’s fans, IG,  or twitter followers may already know, his love life is no secret. On any given day, you can find a pic of Kaylin sprawled naked in his bed or enjoying strippers at a club near you. But who is this chick outside of being Joey’s GF? How does Tahiry fit in this triangle? Or does she even fit in at all? Here’s what I know thus far:

kaylinKaylin: A a hip-hop dancer and Zumba instructor from Miami. She has also made cameo appearances in videos. In June 2012, the two made a love at first sight connection at Joe Budden’s pool party in New Jersey. He was so intrigued by this Latina that he flirted with her all night on his megaphone. “I saw a very new look. On the megaphone I was joking around and I think that’s what made it hot. As the day went on, it was clear to me that everyone that came in shared that sentiment… Because I was actually throwing the pool party, I didn’t really get to see much or enjoy too much, but I noticed that everybody had a picture with Kaylin, and everybody I spoke to after the pool party was talking about Kaylin”, said Joe. –Source

tahiryTahiry: This  bartender-turned-magazine cover model/video vixen became famous after doing a series of online videos with then boyfriend, Joe Budden. ” I don’t think he knew what he was doing….he was just putting the camera on his girlfriend. He uploaded it to YouTube and the world loved it. And now, several years later, I’ve done almost every urban magazine and appeared in the movie, Interlude,” said Tahiry.  Outside of Love & Hip Hop, she has a few other business ventures in the works from clothes to music to acting. From what I’ve seen from the online clips of episode 1, Tahiry maybe the break out cast member this season so stay tuned.

raqi-thundaRaqi Thunda: She calls herself the  “Hip-hop confidant”. She is currently a DJ along side Green Lantern on Sirius radio but I’m sure after this season she’ll be known for other reasons. Recently, she did an interview with Hot 97 in which she “spilled the tea” on her situation with Joe. It has been said that she was messing around with Joe while he was with Tahiry. From the sound of it, there is going to be tons of drama with this love triangle or lack thereof? lol

Lore'lNow onto Ms. Lore’l. The Brooklyn native is a female rapper on the rise who is managed by Power 105.1’s Angela Yee. She has been rapping since a young age in the schools of Newark competing in daily ciphers during class time. At 16 she interned with Sony in their Marketing/Promotions department and began singing on the hooks of male rapper’s music. She may be most known for being featured on Red Cafe’s “Hottest in the Hood” remix and  her latest EP “Leading Lady”.

I am not sure how she comes into play with the drama during the show considering the research I have done. However, according to some sources, there were some obvious issues between she and Erica Mena during the premiere party. I’m sure we will watch how all this unravels as no one is exempt from the drama on this show.









Jen the Pen was coined the name by Dame Dash during her his reality show “The Ultimate Hustler” and has kept the name ever since. She is also the girlfriend to Consequence and the mother of his son Caiden. Jen started her radio career at Sirius Satellite doing gossip for DJ Whoo Kid on G-Unit Radio. From there she moved on to be the gossip girl for the Hot Boyz of Chicago radio show on Power92.

It seems she will be the “Emily” of this season trying to claim some clarification and boundaries within her relationship. I am not saying the two have issues but their roles in their relationship have been bought up. It shall be interesting to see her interact with him along with the rest of the girls on the show.


Rashidah AliNext up we have Rashidah Ali who you may have seen during Basketball Wives telling Jenn how phony she is. However she is known for so much more! According to her VH 1 Bio, Rashidah has worked in the recording industry as an assistant to music industry powerhouses such as Phil Robinson and Harve Pierre. She now manages a promotion and artist development company called 5 Approved. She was the former owner of 2 shoe stores in Atlanta and New York and has been affectionately referred to as the shoe consultant to the stars.

One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t advise any of the girls to try her! In 2011, she was sued by a bouncer from a New York club for slashing his face from his hairline to eye! Yes, she shanked him! The article in The New York Times also sites her for being charged for grand larceny, attempted larceny, and even being behind 6 months on the rent of her Harlem store causing it to close. She has to be by far the most ratchet reality TV personality I have come across but she must do something right because she contunously has opportunities to make more money!





Winter RamosOh and you remember Winter Ramos right? She was viewed telling Emily to stay with Fab regardless of the way he was treating her. Well it seems she is on some other ish now…  She is making her name in hip hop history as she writes a tell-all book on her roster of famous ex-boyfriends and her life in the music industry.

Winter has worked behind the scenes in the Hip-Hop industry for more than 10 years and consulted as a wardrobe stylist for labels such as Ruff Ryders, Murder Inc., Full Surface and Def Jam. She is mostly known for her position as executive assistant to platinum recording artist Fabolous. From there, Winter took her talents down to South Beach and obtained a position as executive assistant to, the CEO of Slip-N-Slide Records, Ted Lucas according to her VH1 Bio. She is currently the Creative Costume Designer for Flavor Unit Films. This is all going to be cray!

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